How can you help our nonprofit send care packages to some of the most remote of the roughly 225,000 U.S. military troops serving overseas in 2017?

1) Donate Financially - Our greatest need is cash for our mailing costs. With no paid staff, we strive to maximize the use of donations. We are a 501(c)(3) charity, so your gifts are tax deductible. We accept checks to Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas, P.O. Box 116691, Carrollton, TX 75011. You can donate via credit card through our Click and Pledge account.

2) Donate Goods - Our all-volunteer charity is based in the Dallas area, but receives product donations from across the USA for care packages for our Soldiers and Troops overseas. We kindly request that you contact us at before sending any care package goods.

Care Package banner

Care Package banner


5K / 10K Fun Run / Walk - Golf Tournament for Military Troops

If any business or organization is looking for a charity beneficiary for their 5K - 10K Fun Run or Walk, Marathon, Golf Tournament, or other sporting event, the Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas would love to be considered for that honor.

Many thousands of U.S. military troops still serve in austere conditions overseas and are very appreciative of our care packages filled with toiletries, snacks, clothing, batteries, tools, first aid supplies, hand/foot warmers, sunblock, reading materials, sporting goods and much more ... plus several thousand letters and cards of well wishes and thanks to the troops.

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has been sending soldiers care packages for over 10 years. Through our 100-plus volunteers in the Dallas - Forth Worth, TX metroplex, we expect to send, or assist in sending, over 4,000 care packages in 2017. 

Our postage costs alone are expected to be over $70,000 this year.

If supporting active duty military troops aligns with your interests, and you are looking for a beneficiary for your charity event in 2017, we would be most grateful for your consideration.


Thank You Note from Battalion Chaplain for Care Packages.

Here are is a message we received from one of the recipients of our packing party held last Saturday.  The volunteers packed 474 boxes for a cost of $7800 in postage. As you read these sentiments, please be reminded of the importance of our care packages and what a morale booster they are to our men and women serving in harm's way. We are one of the very few organizations that sends these "pieces of home" throughout the year, so please continue to support group any way you can either through the Click and Pledge link above or by sending requested items to our address in Carrollton, TX

We do have a small PX on our side, but it has been closed down for a couple of weeks, and when it does open it is only for short periods on random days.  The soldiers have been able to come by my "Free X" to get what they need so they are doing well.   

I cannot express enough our gratitude for all that you are doing in supporting the soldiers and airman that are deployed.  It is through organizations like yours, that our soldiers know the people of America have not forgotten them and do not turn a blind eye to the hardships they face being away from simple comforts and from family in service to their nation.

The Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas are happy to support our troops overseas.


"Don't lose focus on how important it is to everyone out here"

A U.S. Marine, who is distributing care packages from the Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas to American troops in Iraq, sent our volunteers and donors this wonderful response:

The Marines and Sailors have enjoyed there little piece of home from your last care packages ... You all are doing amazing work back home.  Don’t lose focus on how important it is to everyone out here forward deployed the job that you and the volunteers are doing.  

It takes a kind heart and soul to take your own personal time to care for others.  A trait I hope the men and women back home know is greatly appreciated and looked at as just as important as what we are doing out here.  My very best to you and your Staff of Airborne Angel Cadets.

We are so appreciative of the sacrifices and hard work of our men and women serving in our military around the world.  And we, too, are thankful for our volunteers and supporters who have not lost focus on supporting the forward deployed.

Our all-volunteer nonprofit is always seeking new product and financial donations for our care package mission.  We would welcome your support!


Amazing Care Package Packing Party - Great Kickoff Event for 2017

The Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas held a fantastic care package packing party on January 14, 2017.  Slightly over 470 boxes were packed for U.S. military troops!  Most of the care package goods will be going to Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Some of the hard working guest contingents came from Authentix, Porter's Army Navy Store, PepsiCo, Frisco RoughRiders baseball team, Dallas Sidekicks soccer team, Hillcrest Masonic Lodge, Highland Park High School's HP4Troops club, Sikorsky/Lockheed, Stericyle, Ridgemont Commercial Construction.  A big thanks to everyone who helped us get these care packages off to the troops!

It cost about $7,800 to mail the care packages at this one packing party.  And postage rates will be going up next week.  If you, your company, or organization are able to help our all-volunteer nonprofit with a financial donation, we would be very, very grateful.

Additional photos of the packing party are below, plus more can be found on our Weebly 'archive' page:


BBQ Sauce a big hit with troops in the Mideast!

One very patriotic family in the Dallas metroplex mailed soldiers care packages directly to some military contacts of the Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas who are deployed overseas.  One Soldier, currently in the Mideast, but based in Grand Prairie, TX (a Chicago native) sent back the two photos, and a big thanks!

"Thank you all ever so much for all the kind great goodies and special items packed with love and heartfelt kindness ...  Especially the Texas BBQ sauce yeehaw!!"
Barbeque Sauce brings big smile to Soldier in Mideast!


U.S. Marines headed back to Helmand Province, Afghanistan

In a Washington Post article (Jan. 6, 2017) titled "Thousands of Marines fought in southern Afghanistan. Now, the service is going back.", it is noted that about 300 U.S. Marines will be returning this spring to the dangerous Helmand Province region as part of Task Force Southwest.

The Marines will be replacing an Army unit, Task Force Forge, that has been working in Helmand Province. The Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas have sent many care packages to Task Force Forge.

Part of the Task Force Southwest will be stationed at what was once called Camp Leatherneck. The General leading the mission says, "We’re not in any way viewing this as a noncombat mission or anything to take lightly.”  These U.S. Marines will be deployed in a volatile area and "could face combat".

There are currently about 8,400 American Troops in Afghanistan, and many other support personnel.

As new troops constantly rotate in and out, the care packages of the Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas are expected to reach several thousand U.S. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in Afghanistan in 2017. We also ship care packages to Iraq and other remote locations, where basic amenities are sparse.

If you would like a simple way to support our men and women serving in remote locations with our Armed Forces overseas, we would welcome your financial donation to help our all-volunteer nonprofit continue sending care packages.


Holiday care packages boost morale in Afghanistan!

The Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas received a wonderful thank you message from a Chaplain Assistant serving with our military in Afghanistan.  We shipped hundreds of Christmas care packages to the troops during the 2016 holiday season.  A large portion of the donations were sent to Afghanistan and Iraq, where the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines really appreciate the care packages.

I am a Chaplain Assistant who has received a lot of wonderful care packages from you to give to service members from all the branches across Afghanistan ... I want to sincerely thank you for your kindness and remembering deployed service members across Afghanistan during the Holiday season. Your care packages have helped boost morale and give thousands of service members a little taste of home.

I don't know how to ever thank you for the support. I too will soon be leaving to head back to the states but if you could keep sending care packages as the next group comes in it will continue to benefit many people as it already has.

We can always use the below items:
  *   Hygiene kits (body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouth wash, deodorant, shampoo,conditioner, lotion, face wash, dental floss etc..)
  *   Snacks (Beef jerky, gum, oatmeal, crackers, cereal bars, chips, protein bars, noodles, tuna fish, cookies, granola bars, pop tarts, nuts, protein powder etc...)
  *   Popcorn
  *   Reading Material
  *   Movies
  *   Coffee (ground and kcups)

Again thank you so much for all you do to keep everyone sane here and boosting morale.

God Bless!