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2014-2015 living conditions for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

As we approach the start of 2015, what are the living conditions in Afghanistan? And are care packages still appreciated by U.S. troops in Afghanistan?  While we ship care packages to American military troops in other remote areas of the Mideast, Africa, and Eastern Europe, we still give considerable emphasis to troops in Afghanistan ... thousands of who are now just arriving to begin their deployment.

Currently there are about 20,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and that figure will drop to about 10,000 at the start of 2015.  The U.S. has committed to keep troops in Afghanistan through end of 2016, but plans can always change.

A Stars and Stripes article (11/4/2014) states ... "The top commander overseeing the international military effort in Afghanistan, U.S. Army Gen. John Campbell, is assessing whether more coalition troops should stay in the country to train Afghan troops for longer than would be allowed under the Obama administration's current plans for a complete withdrawal in 2016."

Below are some recent responses from American Soldiers in Afghanistan who still greatly appreciate care packages from home.  Many will receive Christmas care packages from the Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas.

"We just recently landed in country and will be here for 12 months" (Received Nov. 3, 2014)

"Thank you very much for what you do for the soldiers ... PX yes but it doesn't provide much, No Microwaves.  We stay in Tents with cots and it is an open bay.  Thank you again for supporting the guys during this time.  You are all true 'Angels'"

"We just got a chow hall recently (but only receive lunch and diner due to being a remote site), a gym, and a small MWR where we watch movies on a laptop and play poker ... Each detachment conducts several missions each week, so we live out in the local communities an equal amount as on base ...  We live in a combination of tents and buildings with beds"

"We don't really have a px, our px is a closet that has very few things in it.  The Chow hall is decent. ... Our command lives in buildings our enlisted live in tents. Hygiene and small snacks are the main things needed. Thank you so much!"

"I think the soldiers will always be happy when they recieve something.  I got some that hardly recieves mail from home."

"the guys are sharing two to a room. There are just two twin beds in these white walled rooms, no wardrobes or anywhere to hang up their wet towels from showing or anything .. nothing on the walls. The px is apparently small"  (from FRG)