How can you help our nonprofit send care packages to some of the most remote of the roughly 150,000 U.S. military troops serving overseas in 2024?

1) Donate Financially - Our greatest need is cash for our mailing costs. With no paid staff, we strive to maximize the use of donations. We are a 501(c)(3) charity, so your gifts are tax deductible. We accept checks to Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas, P.O. Box 116691, Carrollton, TX 75011. You can donate via credit card through our Click and Pledge account. Or you can Venmo us at NancyCarter@AirborneAngels.

2) Donate Goods - Our all-volunteer charity is based in the Dallas area, but receives product donations from across the USA for care packages for our Soldiers and Troops overseas. We kindly request that you contact us at before sending any care package goods.

Care Package banner

Care Package banner


Here are some recent emails that we received from our recipients. They will tug at your heart but reaffirms why we do what we do throughout the year. Yes, we sent the items mentioned.  We don't just send snacks and toiletries but other items to give them a bit of fun and items they request to make their deployments a bit easier.  

From Otis......

Mrs. Carter,

We received 20 packages and four big boxes.  One of the boxes had a pool which my guys have big (ridiculous) plans for, when I walked away several guys were blowing up the pool all wearing sunglasses from another care package.  It always makes me happy to see the Soldiers excited about the little things.  It was really nice to get a package on Memorial Day, thanks for thinking of us, we really appreciate it.  Oh and please tell whoever sent a towel thank you.  I lost my towel in the laundry and have been using a shirt to dry for a couple weeks. 

Mail is painfully slow.  My kids always grill me about mail letters taking so much longer to reach me than grandma and grandpa.  

We can still accept more packages, we give excess to the USO.  The base we live at is pretty small and we try to help our sister units out.  I think the the size of the base has created a sense of community among us.  We appreciate your supports.


From Danny.................

Hi Nancy, 

I can't say thank you enough for all that you do and the ways you support us. It makes a huge difference in the morale and care of Soldiers...and makes us feel a little closer to home. :)

Kind regards, 



From Brandon............

Good Morning Ma'am,

Our detachment would be honored to be in your rotation.  The address is still the same and we will be able to receive mail until late September.  I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for all that you do for our service members around the globe.  



From Brian.............

Mrs. Carter,

                We have received the care packages. I am SO sorry for not replying sooner. Things have been a bit crazy. We were able to send packages to Soldiers that are in other countries and we are definitely prepared to receive more packages. We have Soldiers living in pretty austere environments. About 80 of our 140 Soldiers do not have regular access to a shower or a hot meal. A hot meal comes to their sites on a rotational basis. So, these packages with socks, snacks, and hygiene kits are extremely helpful. For the Soldiers we have in ____ are sincerely appreciative of the care packages that we have received. You all are truly amazing people with great hearts.

V/R ,


From Torren..........whose boxes were sent on Apr. about slow mail.....

Nancy,  We just received the care packages two days ago.  Thank you so much for everything.  The tools all made it and have already assisted us in being able to get things done more efficiently. The men are very happy to have received everything and truly appreciate all you have done for them.  The fans are also a big hit.  Each of our towers now is able to have some cooling abilities and they arrived at a perfect time as it is heating up here.  We were very surprised at how long the batteries last on them.  They go for about 20 hours straight before needing a recharge which is great.  Please extend our thanks to all of the people who have graciously given their time and products to us.  As far as our address, it is still the same.  Since we just received the boxes, I think we could probably wait until your next rotation if there is someone else in need of the June shipment.  If not and the supplies are available, then we would gladly appreciate additional care packages.  Thank you again for everything and I look forward to our future correspondence. 


Since they do not have A/C in their guard towers, they asked for fans. We sent them 10 battery operated fans with 62 rechargeable batteries & 4 battery chargers. If you wish to help, I'm still sending them D batteries.


This new request recently came in Friday and really tugs at my heart. He only asked for 1 box for he and his men.

Airborne Angle Cadets of Texas,

I was just wondering if you had one package available that I may share with my members. If possible.


I replied asking how many he could reach and that we would gladly send him more than one as he is in a location where we currently have no recipients, but he insists on receiving only 1 box.


 I’m asking only for one box because I certainly don’t want to be overwhelmed from support back home, especially when there are other bases throughout _____ that have far less than we do. (Is that even possible?!) So I ask for is one box at the moment. As time goes on, I may reach out again. 

Thank you for your sustained support!


Well, he will get 1 HUGE box!!


Thank you again for all your support to these men and women. It's the least we can do for all their sacrifices. Your generous tax deductible donations allow us to continue sending these heroes a bit of home.. 

God Bless America and all those that defend her!!